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Sunday, May 02, 2010



The usual fare on the harrasment only I work at kane now so now it is a life and death issue if I have someone interfere with my sleep plus I am realy pissed off so if it is about someone who is trying to sell looser dust (courtney loves phrase for cocain) I will kill them if I can have it as self defence, something I have been looking forward to for some time is a body bag because of the sound but only if I don't go to jail for it... almost three times isn't good enough even if I did hurt one of them pretty good (I couldn't do more because it would not be self defense but I am sure I might pay for the whole thing later)

"I hate what you have seen in me"

I could see that as me being the computer monitor, sort of weird figurative... I think the stabbing part could be somewhat threatning if she was working where I work. ("stab the gutter out of the girl")

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