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Friday, May 21, 2010


I will give the devil and his christians silence.

I am hearing the abuse again lightly tonight.... when I am on the street and I see gangs and cops cars who is the enemy... all of them.. It is like I am in a forign country and they are all trying to screw me over, there is no chance of decussion... I get to have the guy at the end of the table harrass me every day, I suspect he/they are harrasing me to promote catholism because it is almost the exact thing I had in the apartment, I am not realy intrested in answering questions... I don't realy have any good ideas about the market but I should get out and do something and give the devil and his christians silence if they want to speak..

At the waterburger I get the number 4, I am mindfull of symbolism... I see it at the school distric and I see 4 cops cars across from citgo where they are drilling (for natural gas maybe).....

chances r coctail bar ...
c ance r
h s

You have to see the enemy as different, I suppose the kids are supposed to be the enemy, cancer was one of the buzz songs, I thought it was colin cancer. Thats been there awile maybe since the 60's and then you have cantwel lane and it's very cartoonish.. with bordon and thier homo milk...

you are all homo

Thats why someone decide that shooting me may be better for the race crime instead of the control of comunication bs.

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