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Friday, May 14, 2010


Its going to be a buiiful saterday

One of the cafeteria employees at kanes is fishing for medical conditions befour the insurance goes into effect??? (this tone has happened once befour fishing for medical stuff) The demener completely changes when I am on video??... That is bad for my fight or flight response... heavy heavy stress.... I am bringing my lunch tomorrow... There was a black guy who wanted to know if the restaurant employee was "cool" with him now.. I am not sure what that ment.. It is going to be a buiiful saterday though.. I can spend money going to the game or something after work, realy I need to go do something instead of just hanging out here

At heb they are giving free sample of Smirnoff away, I declined a drink offered by a pretty woman.

5 cops across from citgo and they are drilling in the parking lot... lots and lots of pipe... maybe they are slant drilling under the refinery.,

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