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Sunday, May 23, 2010


there was heavy abuse mentioning catholics last night

there was heavy abuse mentioning Catholics (and promoting Catholicism) last night, It is particularly heavy on the weekend trying to get me to spend money past the time where I am normally asleep. I bought a net10 phone so that I can call someone if there is an extreme problem like the black man who tried to assault me had. That way the court can order treatment and I don't have to explain how he had an unfortunate accident after being offended that I yelled I wasn't going to buy drugs from him.... most of the time it is just games though, I am not sure the internet is going to work well enough on this particular phone to be that useful, without the internet I might let it expire, $15 because I get threats hardly seems worth it when I could just clobber one if they try anything.... I will test it Monday to see if I like it well enough to keep it after the two months.

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