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Saturday, June 19, 2010


by some fluke my income went up..

It's a fluke but my income went up $5 - $6 dollars a quarter last month from dividend increases add in compounding and more cash and it starts to go up quickly...

new dividend on byddy (chinese car maker, no expected)
div increase on flowers (expected)
big div increase on del monte (not expected at all)
div increase on pepsi (expected)

I think someone is fishing for cars are a waste of money...

he says stocks are a waste of money...
so I say it increases my buying power for cars houses exc...

It is hard to go anywhere with the philosophical part of the argument, the extortion part of the argument might go somewhere but it is someones elses idea, so I don't blame him for it, said person will use other people to cause trouble ... We look at the car adds in the morning, I am looking for a tek shift, and my buddy is looking for cool cars.

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