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Saturday, June 05, 2010


exploring what the person (organsion) that is harrasing is asking

Because you are making more money for a short period of time and everything went well last week so you should automaticaly move and spend alot more money without knowing what is going to happen when things slow down for seasonal reasons (a bank would laugh if you talked to them to buy something with that argument).... what are you selling and why is that outside my window... maybe there is some expectation I would live near burger king and report on it in my blog... maybe they are selling or trying to rent something more expensive...

I am expecting more of a problem in housing so they are asking me to pass up on opertunity while getting myself into a lease and spending more money...

I managed to get some mad money stuff on cnbc.com.... He says everything is going to continue to go down... Someone came up with the suggestion that the european central bank would give out money to everyone in the eurozone to fight deflation.. This would be given but there would be conditions on debt exc... Some countries would be able to spend it or hand out checks some would have to pay off thier debt... I don't hate the idea particularly..

dd dupont was suggested as an accidental high yielder... I can trade that overseas so I would have one purchase of dd for this month ($1000 is a good number) and then any overtime would float into next month and go to dollar cost averaging or jj if I don't have any other ideas or procter and gamble if it falls to less than one percent of my portfolio... I will look at dd and see if I like it though.


Very nice post. I definitely appreciate this site. Stick with it!

I like all of the points you have made
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