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Friday, June 04, 2010


heb hamburger package deal

Heb hamberger package deal looks pretty good so I bought a couple of pounds with the salad, salad dressing exc... forgot my lunch stuff though so I will go tommorow

ice transation did not work with an odd lot befour work 3-4 am... not sure how I should trade ora yet...

burger king is falling apart she says thier thing now is labor so they have all the managers work overtime (they are on salary??) there is no labels on the drinks inside on the working coke machine and I think they found a way to cut the swine ribs in half... It was probily some sort of crime that would come out on a lie detecter test.

I was hearing at work towards the end of the night that I was making to much to be living where I am living... Tuff, it isn't public housing, it's the sort of housing you end up in when you get kicked out of public housing.. I was hearing that he doesn't make anything and that is why he is living here.... He might be able to move sounds like an excuse for some sort of nonsence they have planned

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