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Friday, June 11, 2010


studing for my blue hat or to be a man in blue (air songs)

.... route 19 and 17th street on ayers. 911 ayers or agape training center, It's a gapping hole song...

hey 19 retha franklin shes the queen of soul
we cant dance together
we cant talk at all
take me with you when you slide on down..

you would look up hey 19 by steely dan.
I tipped a black chick a dollar (not recently though) what are you going to do about it.....

I am going to be watching for the falling cows...

You also have reeling in the years....
have you had enough tears,,,'
have you had enough of mine (I think it is tough on the hands so it adds to the effect)

Those are my gaping hole songs (from steely dan) that I am adding to my other hole songs I sing at kanes when I put the air in the meat.

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