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Friday, June 04, 2010


three threats

I was avoiding paying off a $300 credit card bill, I am not sure why the emphasis on three there was some mention of buying a car in three months and then just alot of bs short stories that happen to have the number 3 in them.... I didn't get fired after the third month... I am throwing the big bills in the brokerage into oratek if my broker allows me to trade the odd lots by specifying the exchange otherwise I have to go to a european exchange to trade odd lots...

jj (maybe)
pg (the order depends on the price and percentage of my portfolio of previos purchaces)

the last two are dividend achievers that raise there price every year...

leftover $10 go to the bill or in savings bonds... (not available for a year so it is the same difference).... I will have to look to see wich one I am doing.


burger king johavas witness inspired abuse... sexual abuse inspired by thier stance against the military and then they try to use our insurance in a public place as part of thier excuse... The procedure may be encouraging homosexual organised crime. realy what heart was doing is sickening..

The overheard part is that a large amount of money won't do you any good.. This is constant, the reality that clearly someone has a problem and having a large store of cash is an extreamly good idea because they are trying to screw me over.. abuse was fairly strong tuesday and wednessday in the apartment...

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