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Saturday, July 17, 2010


electric cars and my next stocks....

It is hard to tell if electric cars are going to be exciting enough quick enough... I supose that most of them are not coming out until 2011-2012 ... and alot of those are going to be available to fleets only.. The goal would be to go into select utilities slowly... div achiever utilities are the best...

I just bought 6 shares of exxon-mobile for deversification purposes.. I maybe able to dollar cost average into a better average price later.. next buys go something like this (for rebalancing purposes we add on to positions)..

cht (pays once a year I think)
nzt (new zeland telephone pays quaterly)
pbr (doesn't pay much but hits two months and moves with oil prices)
flo (flowers if it drops below 1% of my portfolio or if I can average prices down possibly soon and it should raise div every year and pay quarterly)

dollar cost averaging into..

ora (best one to buy more of to average the price down... they will have the equipment back generating money some day and pay quarterly)
jnj (If the price drops but it may not....it is close to what I paid for it friday but still above)
dt (I don't want to much dt as a percentage of my portfolio so I won't go above 5%)

under alot of conditions I will move into dividend achiever electric companies as a long term plays because electric cars are going to be a slow roleout)


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