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Friday, August 20, 2010


My kane check is off...

I noticed that my check from kane has to be way off it is the same amount as last week when we had less hours and I had to pay for my work boots. Hopefully it doesn't have anything to do with all the election signs that are out where we are hopeing for reaction (like they do to buy votes at burger king). It could be just a mistake but it certainly makes you uncomfortable about spending, because of the things that could be signalled by it. Today I am getting 10 shares of the israli geothermal company that operates alot of plants in the united states ticker symbol ora. I am not so sure they plan to use thier state lease in aransas county (If I have the right neiboring county) but I do know they will have much better earning that this should be the low point (It is priced pretty much the same as june so this is the bottom pretty much). ex-div is probily the best point to get in so that was last tuesday.

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