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Saturday, August 21, 2010


some gunshots (maybe) and other stuff befour my jury duty, am I tampered with..

I heard what sounded like gunshots and I saw a car down the outer road past McDonald's at the same time..... what I did not see was someone from that car shooting and it could very well be possible that the shots or sound came from somewhere else..... The question is then if it isn't a shooting what is it....

Devils advocate about having a phone line or phone before jury duty???? A try at jury tampering.... Someone (male) from the bus that is somewhat effeminate is either role playing death cross (I suspect that some of them hope you equate that to risk in the military and empathise with them and become a fruit or some non-sense) or hoping that a car hits him down leopard street... I told the idiot to look out and the car put his high beams on... Sure enough on the line a cow falls with some warning.... You hear that sound that is warning that the cow is going to fall.

I don't own a phone right now and risking getting shot by looking like I will make a phone call isn't something I am interested in doing on a Friday morning... I have it in my pocket I heard what may have been a semi-automatic pistol or something at 5:09.

My paycheck is fixed all it did was effect the amount I was going to invest friday by $50... The story is that one of the girls put in the wrong data.

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