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Saturday, May 07, 2011


midamerican conspiracy notes

I am speculating on front-running of midamerican. so cool... It looks like gregory E. Abel put together an interesting company and as a kane employee (kane meat packers of corpus christi) and berkshire investor I should look into it. It is looking like omaha street in corpus christi has the same 666 adress and when you walk down it you end up at the old highway 9 (now lepard) 11 substation (formaly built by the people in the twin towers of the cpl building 711 exc. I don't remember the street)... Anyway about front running. We are roleplaying waren buffet... warpath street ... warren babtist church (renamed aniville babtest I can speculate it had something to do with the roberts tobbaco truck stuff)... the swiss ticker symbol bryn across the street (its a bar). What could have been front run..

midamerican (on omaha street)
byd (motorcycle builder that says that if you can dream it we can build it)
911 attack (and from much better sources than that)

Looks like both gates and sokol have a reputation for cheating people, so it isn't out of the question that front running was promoted to someone else... hard to tell.

we are starting to speculate (not money wise) on the next thing roleplayed. we have seen 'charley' with buffet (in this case charley was at the all you can eat at pizza hut).. we see the hurricanes across the street (can you frontrun a storm probably not). lancaster street I come up with


this looks realy qute.. and another lancaster that probably isn't relevant to anything other than potential litigation for losses (i.e. terrorist attack was planned by us or negligence or something)

There is some concern that someone might come up with a berkshire project to promote tobbaco to children because of the trucking company so I hope that management discourages that.

here is something else from iowa where midamerica is headquartered


Sounds legit! Gonna check it out.

International calls
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