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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


command listing

bcx basic manual home

$comment ... :Compiler directive to ignore everything between a $comment set
asc .... (character) : returns the ascii value of a charecter
atn .... (variable) : arc tangent
cls ... : clear screen
dim ... variable : intializes a variable
color ... color, unknown : text color
end ..... : ends the program
FILLARRAY .... : see example in s148
exists ... (string) : returns boolian if a file exists or not
GetCurrentDirectory (string, number) :returns the directory in the string
GetSystemDirectory (string, number) : returns the directory in the string
GetComputerName(string,variable :returns the name of the computer (may need dword)
GetSystemInfo (&si) :get system info see example s70
GlobalMemoryStatus (&ms) :global memory see example s70
GetShortPathName .. (COMMAND$ , ShortName$ , 256) : returns short version of name
INCR .. var :increments the var example is DIM RAW
input ... text or number, string : prints out string or vaiable and then puts user input in a string
instat :boolean returns true when a key is pressed
KILL ...filename$ :erases the file specified as filename$
lapse .... : amount of time that has lapsed on timer
like (string1, string2) :Need to do more research does return an integer
Len ... string$ : length of string ex. len($a)
LOF .... (string) : returns the length of a file
malloc :memory allocation
memcpy :standard c function
memset ( A$, 65, TenMillion ) : memset is a lowercase "C" stdlib func
MsgBox .. : windows message box
locate ... x,y, unknown : goto spot on text screen
panel .... x1,y1,x2,y2,foreground,background,color1?, color2? : creates a window
PlayWav (string) : plays the wave file indicated in string
print ... string : prints text to screen can also use ? instead of print
QSORT .... A!, 9, ASCENDING :last one is ascending or descending second is number to sort
SetConsoleTitle ... console title : sets a title to the screen
RANDOMIZE (TIMER) : randomizes rnd
remove string from string : removes the string in first instance from the string in the second
rnd :random function returns value between 0 and 1 ex.. r = rnd
Shell filename :brings up the program indicated in filename
sleep ..................... (number) : an instruction that pauses for an amount of time
split .......................(A$, B$, ",;+", 2) : splits a string (need more info on usage)
swap .... string1$ string2$ : swaps the values between two variables.
timer .... : times an operation
WriteConsoleOutputCharacterA :see example 90
WriteConsoleOutputAttribute :see example 90 for usage
val .... (string) : returns the numeric value of a number in a string

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